New Way Football

Updated Thursday April 6, 2017 by The Bulldogs.

With the inaugural season in 2010, New Way football began as a small team practicing in a park and competing in an 8 man league. Over the years, New Way football program has come a long way, it is now a solid program that can put up a fight.  With dedicated practices four times per week, access to a strength and conditioning facility as well as off-season program the bulldogs are putting up strong competition come play-off and state finals.

Many of you have purchased a football helmet within the past two years for your son.  If the helmet is approaching the 2 year mark, it is time to get it sent back to the manufacturer for re-certification and reconditioning. If your son has the helmet at home and you would like to send it in yourself, please follow the directions below.  If you would like for New Way to send in the helmet, please have your son turn it in to me no later than Friday April 14.  I will be doing a bulk shipment the following week so that we are good to go for the upcoming Fall season..
Cost of reconditioning is $70.00
Please let me know if you have any questions.