• New Way Football

    With the inaugural season in 2010, New Way football began as a small team practicing in a park and competing in an 8 man league. Over the years, New Way football program has come a long way, it is now a solid... More
  • Upcoming Events for all Athletics

    ** Spring Sports Photos will be taking place on Thursday March 23 @ 11:00am.  Please be sure to have your uniforms this day! If you have any action shots of our athletes during practices and games, plea... More
  • New Way Soccer

    High school soccer is a co-ed competitive Spring sport offered to 9th-12th grade students.  Athletes of all skills levels are encouraged to come try-out for the team.  Be ready to work hard, hustle and have s... More
  • New Way Basketball

    High School Basketball holds practice four times a week with an optional open gym on Wednesdays after school.   Once the competition season  begins, games take place twice a week after school hours. Most of a... More
  • New Way Sports Athletic Gear

    Get all your New Way Athletics gear here! ** Just Released: New Way Academy's Official Basketball shirts- selec the link below to get your in time for the first game of the season, December 5th! Vis... More
  • New Way Swimming

    We welcome eager new and experienced swimmers for those in 5th - 12th grade! Practices are 3 days a week at ASU’s Sun Devil Fitness Complex. There are roughly 6 meets throughout the season which are held on S... More
  • New Way Ultimate Frisbee

    "What is ultimate?" The definition of ultimate developed by the board at the 2001 strategic planning meeting is as follows: "Player defined and controlled non-contact team sport played with a flying disc on a... More
  • Check Out All the Sports This Year

    We have the details - everything you need to know for all the sports we offer this year at New Way Academy... Ultimate Frisbee: "What is ultimate?" The definition of ultimate developed by the board at the ... More
  • New Way Cheerleading

    Since 2010, New Way Upper School Cheer has been adding  spirit, volume, and energy to New Way  events. New Way cheerleaders practice twice a week, cheer at games, and dedicate additional time to making signs,... More